Raz Xaidan is a Kurdish photographer and writer that works under the alias of The Darling Beast

Born in Sweden but raised in London (U.K), Raz’s roots delve deep into the soils of Kurdistan. As a child, Raz often returned to her motherland which strengthened her identity and bond with the Kurdish cause.

As a lens woman in Kurdistan, Raz has been dedicated to photographing Kurds and Kurdistan since 2013, her photos reveal the mesmeric faces and vibrant culture that can be found on Kurdish soil. Concentrating mainly on character photography, modernism isn’t the appeal as Raz chases the traditional, quiet and rural corners of the land to give insight to the life of everyday Kurds.  

Note: I am not a writer lost for words, I am not a photographer on the quest for a model nor am I a Kurd in search for my identity.