The allure of a spark can provoke a lonely, jaded, charcoaled mind.
Suffered woes and wails of a wispy heart, so lightly tossed and punched apart.

A torn home saw her body brushed outside, seeking warmth, on a warm summers night. Alone she sat, perched beside a rationed barrel. Desperate to drink it's loads in pitiful gallons. Counting down the moments till her moment came to shine.

Shine, shine, like a flare in the black night, glow and show them your feeble light! Strike the match and make them remember, leave a lasting memory that makes them repent forever...what if they forget? What if they don't cry? What if they never noticed my sunken, peaked eyes, overflowed with streams of painful goodbyes?

One final look back at the door of despair, she gulped her last breath of poisoned air.
As she crawled out of her lifeless grave, she fluttered and flickered, setting herself ablaze.

Another body of ember glowed in the black night, another beacon of prohibited, tribal, female rights.
Another life gave in to the warmth of fire - society, forcing it's daughters to climb and light their own pyres.